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Unstopable DVD cover

Robert Raven Kraft: Unstoppable

Documentary Film


Walk to the Fifth Street lifeguard stand on South Beach at 5:15 pm any day. You will see a bearded, long-haired shirtless man wearing black shorts, one black glove, and a headband that’s black, too. People call him the “Raven,” and he’s been standing in front of that lifeguard stand at that time for the last forty years, getting ready for his eight-mile jog up and down the beach. That’s right—Raven has run eight miles on the sands of South Beach every day since 1975, through concussions, hurricanes, food poisoning, animal attacks, hail and high water. And he’s still going.


Director/Editing: Wallace Cruz

Director/Photography: Mary Beth Koeth

Sound Editing: Guillermo Lefeld & James Joubran

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